Life without my Helper

Since the last time I’ve blogged. Many things have happened.Good and bad ones altogether.
Parsi went back to Indonesia for a month. Neighbor had a new baby girl. Beach trips very often with the kids. Bringing sushi to dog runs after I found out where. Loads and loads of changes.

During the month Parsi wasn’t around, hubby helped out alot around the house.*appreciated* Coming home earlier than usual, mopping,cleaning,washing the bathrooms and bathing the dog.

There were also less tension in the air.

The first couple of days without the maid, it was nitemare for me!!! Javier was hyper cranky and demanded to be carried every single minute and refusing to nap at all in the afternoons. There was even one day I actually broke down at my doorstep and my neighbor came over to help me pacify Javier. Janelle on the hand whom I thought would be the one most likely to give me problems when parsi went home became the angel!! *relieved*

Cooking for them was also another nitemare. Janelle will eat this and javier will hate that. I simply can’t give in to everyone!! At the end of the 1st week, my motto became “eat or starve,your choice!” Ironing hubby’s clothes were a CHORE!!!The time I spent ironing 8 pieces of the kids clothing was just for his 1 shirt!! His clothings are huge!!

During this time, a routine was established. It started out as a bribe for the kids to finished up their food so they could have ice-cream downstairs. Turned out we were enjoying our after dinner ice-cream so much till today we are still practicing it.

Bringing Janelle to and fro from school together with Javier was another acquired trick.

Javier was obsessed with picking his sis from school that whenever I brought him to parkway before Janelle finishes school for lunch he will demand to go back to Janelle’s school!!! He’ll practically drag me up 3 floors to her school no matter how I tell him it’s still early.I ended up reaching her school 5 minutes before she was out from school to avoid Javier dramatic display.

Dad helped alot by sending home us whenever his around the vacinity of Janelle’s school.

But it meant Janelle & Javier shopping before going home which kinda cut me back on funds for that month.

All and all…every time was fine and I’m still here alive and kicking!


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